Anzu in Hankyu part 2

Saturday, 31 October 2015

We love this girl's style! And her bag matches our Roxy sparkle card perfectly!

This little cutie pie was so shy and so sweet!

I also felt very honoured that this lady came back on the morning of her birthday to treat herself to our Perfume bottles print!! We hope you had a lovely birthday!

This lady was so chic, and we loved her pearl embellishment on her sleeves and neckline.

Another chic little lady chose just the right card for her - our rose gold tiara card perfect for a little princess!

This lady had fond memories of her time in England and chose our very British charm bracelet and teapot rain cards.

This lady chose our Silver tiara card for friends from the Phillipines that are having a fun wedding in Hawaii!

Thanks also to other exhibitors Mike, Grace and Katie for making it so fun and also to Keiji (not pictured) for looking after us so well.

Thank you to everyone that came and also to Hankyu for making such a fuss of us. Above a delicious meal they treated us to and below the amazing opening reception attended by the British embassy.

Anzu in Hankyu part 1

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Anzu was very happy to be a part of the Japanese department store Hankyu's British Fair recently. We met some lovely people. This special little girl above won my heart with her big smile! She even came back to see me the following day and spent ten minutes waving goodbye. She chose the jewels card in advance for her 5th birthday.

I painted throughout the fair - this is one of my pieces that I did. It was a nice place to work with all the encouraging comments and sweet people I met. I don't often get to meet our customers and hear all their stories, and it's so special to hear the lovely reasons people are buying Anzu cards. Thank you so much everyone!

This gorgeous little girl came with her Mum and liked Anzu illustrations. The following day her Mum came and bought our teacups print for her as a surprise - this is her coming home from school to find the surprise. Such a lovely sweet photo! Thank you so much Emi for sending it to me!

Mia (hope I have the spelling right) was just so cool and fab! She came back to the stand dressed very Anzu with her bejewelled crown hat and Swarovski boots. She also bought me some very tasty funny Animal sweets - thank you!

My dear friend Sumi-san came from Tokyo. I was so happy to see her!
Thanks Sumi-san for being such a great friend

This gentleman took a lot of time choosing just the right card for his wife for their wedding anniversary and in the end chose our heart locket card. He asked me to write it out to his wife and two sons.

This gentleman bought our ballet shoes card as he has always been a fan of the film the Red Shoes, also a favourite of mine. The following day he came back to show me the catalogue for the film.

This sweet girl bought a Valentines card and asked me to write it out to her and her Mum, which I thought was such a lovely idea!

This lady was really fun and positive and it was lovely to meet her. If you read Japanese, please check out the blog she did on us too Thank you Peach-mama!

And last but not least Boris, who took away our bicycle, grand vin and ballet cards!