I want this...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Found via hi-and-low.typepad.com this book has the pictures of Jackie O by Ron Galella and I'm looking forward to getting it. You can buy here
and above our 'So Jackie O' card.

Stunning films

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I have no idea what this film is about, but I love the stills from it. It's called The Fall and apparently is a cult arthouse film.
The images remind me of one of my favourite films, Untold Scandal the Korean version of Dangerous Liasions.

The colour combinations, the costumes, the flowers all inspired me a lot

It really is a stunning film, to buy click here

Dennis Severs house

Monday, 26 October 2009

Over the weekend I went to the Dennis Severs house. I'd been before a few years ago, but was passing by and it's definitely worth a trip back. Dennis Severs came over to England in the 1970s from his native California, and set about refurbishing this East end house in varying historic styles.

The house tells a story and was described by David Hockney described as one of the world's greatest works of opera. Each room lit by candles, and rich with scents of oranges, logs fires and even dust creates a powerful atmosphere.

This room had a really festive look, and I loved the silhouettes that had been placed behind the curtains.

image from London town

The house has an abundance of stunning still lives - each one like a painting in its own right.

Image, mikiy.com

The remarkable thing is that in a 1970s, 80s, and 90s London Dennis Severs completely lived this life - using chamber pots, candlelight and driving around London in a horse and carriage.

image from Richard bryant

To fnd out more click here The house also has a Silent Night on various nights in December where you can sip mulled wine as you wander through the house.

All other images from the Dennis Severs flickr photostream

Embroidered signatures

Friday, 23 October 2009

c) Life magazine

I love this idea - getting your guests to sign the dinner tablecloth and then embroidering their signatures afterwards. Above is autograph collector Walter Light sitting at his mother's Irish linen tablecloth which she embroidered and to which he has added 375 more signatures.

c). www.awm.gov.au

It also looks nice when the signatures are embroidered in different colours I think. This napkin was a gift to a prisoner of war during the second world war, to ensure memories stayed strong.

Traveling in time

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I love this Japanese website that ages photos. Above is the anzu office circa 1910, and me lighting an anzu candle circa 1932?

To age your own photos, simply click here, choose the file/photograph you'd like to age and then click on the blue button. It's all in Japanese but actually simple to use.

Swarovski's new offices

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Yesterday I went with Beth and Christine from Five dollar shake to the Swarovski offices just off Piccadilly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photos of their London offices because I loved the look, but they had the feel of their Austrian one which is seen above (just a little funkier).

With lots of clean white space, tons of pink roses with tiny crystals hidden inside,

lots of different jewellery and bags on display,

large pictures of the stunning mountains that surround the Swarovski factories

and various chandeliers including this amazing waterfall chandelier which was in reception it made for a striking and fun place to visit.

Autumn and Winter afternoon tea

Monday, 19 October 2009

Love the new cakes and biscuits for the A/W Pret a Portea from the Berkeley hotel, based on a Burberry mac, Roger Vivier boots and Mulberry bag. To book visit the Berkeley hotel website here

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Friday, 16 October 2009

I was really excited to go to the world premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox on Wednesday night. I am a massive fan of Wes Anderson and his style and the film didn't disappoint.

With Mr. Fox in his very Wes style corduroy suit, Mrs. Fox in a decidedly Marc Jacobs style dress, quirky book titles, and Anderson's signature futura font it has to be the most sylish animated film with no detail overlooked.

image courtesy of rushmoreacademy.com

It was also good to see George Clooney in the flesh too!

You can read more about the film and amazing sets of Mr. Fox here

Wild things

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Some time I did a post on leopard print and I had to post a little epilogue to that as I have seen so many great images of fashion icons in animal print. Above is our 'Wild bags' card!

In particular it was this image of Naomi Campbell that made me want to do this post.

Classic Blondie

I think Kate Moss must have about 5,000 animal print items in her wardrobe.

A sultry Ava Gardner

and finally Marilyn Monroe photographed by Eve Arnold.

Ancient industries

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I just discovered the Ancient industries blog and I love it! With great images (like this photograph above of Coney Island),

facts on everything from Fairisle tweed, to pork pies to Morris Minors being covered it is always interesting, nice to look at, and very English.

Can you believe this is 1989? English wheat pickers photographed by James Ravilious.

The blog is written from the perspecive of what is living and what is extinct. Apparently Miss Scarlet has been removed from the Cluedo game - whaaat?? Her and Colonel Mustard are the best characters!

This is the Frank Cooper marmelade factory which no longer exists. Really love the way it looks.

Have a look at the blog on http://ancientindustries.blogspot.com

Favourite London florists

Monday, 12 October 2009

One of my favourite florists is Robbie Honey http://www.robbiehoney.com I love these peonies in the lacquer container. With clients that include John Galliano, Moet and Chandon and Vivienne Westwood he's pretty sought after.

I think this flower curtain he created for a party at Hermes is truly magical.

With the figs and the red flowers I thnk this arrangement by Honey would be perfect for now.
Another favourite is Only Roses http://www.only-roses.com which just sells roses from Ecuador - below is their shop

Although these photos look nice, I have to say that when you actually see the roses they really stand out and almost look unreal. Well worth a trip.