Anzu was founded in 1999 and produces stationery and desirables featuring my hand-painted illustrations.

I also create freelance illustrations for clients such as Sisley, Guerlain, Harper Collins and am the illustrator for The Berkeley Hotel (including Pret-a-Portea).

I like all my work to have an emphasis on a decorative, hand-painted look and the Anzu collections feature illustrations of everything from teacups to sunglasses to peonies.

My inspirations are from a variety of sources, be it vintage textiles, English gardens, 1930s films, or fashion designer Paul Poiret. English style for example was the inspiration for our range of candles be it the Miss Marple inspired Black tea candle or the cottage garden rose scent in our Bed of roses candle. We are based in Notting Hill.

Amber candle
Anzu studio
Patent cards
Anzu card

Freelance illustration for The Berkeley Hotel Pret-a-Portea with Bergdorf Goodman

To learn more about Anzu, please visit:

www.anzu.co.uk or email us at info@anzu.co.uk


Karena said...

Fabulous work I love the shoe designs,so fresh and fashionable!


Marcos Menezes said...

Fantastic work and great ideas. We will keep you in mind for future projects!

Lisa said...

One of our fans suggested we check out your lovely blog - very lovely indeed and we would adore the opportunity to share/sell your wonderful items on our site - we're; http://www.hazelandharlow.com. Come see us on Facebook or send an email so we can connect!

Dawn said...

I have wished for a Muse...an expression of creativity poured from fabric and screaming out beauty and unique character. I'm reborn with ideas, and don't feel I'm an intruder in my own craft room...I'm not talented by any stretch of the imagination, but my mind loves your items, and this makes me feel as if I could, one day, make something...anything. Thank you. Your site makes me feel purplish...=)

Esther L. said...

Woow! Today I bought three cards in Münster, Germany in a little souvenir shop.

I would love to buy more cards to design a wall with your pictures - they are so lovely!!
I bougt the leopard shoes, the kitten heels and the bohemoan dress!
Is it possible to buy more cards online?

I'm your fan!!
Take care

(Please send me an E-Mail: Loomanic@web.de)