Ghostly galleons

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I have seen a ship chandelier in the shop around the corner from my flat and am totally in love with it but knowing the shop I'm slightly scared to enquire about the price!

Love this one from St. Peter's and Paul's cathedral in Vilnius

Quirky but elegant. I'll keep you posted!

Images: Hans van Bentem custom chandelier, Beny Shlevich's photostream on Flickr, via ,via


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

So happy to come into a cool office today. Above one of Atelier Pompadour's felt creations discovered via the seesaw blog.

Storm in a teacup by John Lumbus


Friday, 25 June 2010

When I was designing the meadow candle, I poured over tons of meadow images and fragrances. It's a look I just love and on a hot day like this I wish I was lazing in one!

Whether it's a moody meadow as in this one photographed by Tony Mendoza,

a meadow packed with all different flowers,

a cornflower meadow or this charming animation below.

Images: Anzu Ltd., Tony Mendoza, via, unknown, Fischerkoesen

Guest blogger: Bonny

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

'Art HK' is an exhibition that takes place annually in May in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre. This year, it hosted 155 of the world's leading galleries from twenty nine countries, including White cube and Hauser & Wirth.

It is a hugely celebrated exhibition showcasing a wide scope of talents - painting, illustration, sculptures, installations, graphic design, photography etc.

The variety of medium of artworks and origins of culture is amazing! Can you spot something that is locally from Hong Kong? Or perhaps something from the Asia Pacific region, or hints of European designs?

Richard Armstrong, the Director of the Guggenheim Museum has also just paid a visit to the event! If you don't want to miss it next year, or would like more information click the link here to keep yourself posted

Dark florals

Friday, 18 June 2010

Where has this week gone? I can't believe it is already Friday and I haven't even done a blog yet. I have been busy painting and time has slipped by. I've been especially inspired by all the dark florals around at the moment.

I particularly love this image of Beaton and Hockney that I came by on the lovely Passage Paradis blog. The gilt table overladen with terracotta pots looks great.

This Erdem dress makes florals look totally modern and unfussy.

Would love to own this Araki photo (available from the Michael Hoppen gallery).

And a perfect finale - rhododendrons (my favourite) and Stella Tenant photographed by Tim Walker

Images: Unknown, Guardian via Passage Paradis, Unknown, Michael Hoppen Gallery, Tim Walker

Guest blogger: Anzu's Helen

Monday, 14 June 2010

I recently visited a place I have been longing to visit for so long. It's tucked away in Clapham Common and the place is called 'The Papered Parlour'. It's a creative bun of all things arty! It is unique and the coolest place I have been to in a while. It hosts workshops, exhibitions and performances. They even do hen parties, and also provide tea and cake, which is a big bonus!

With workshops for dress-making, silversmithing, quilting and screen printing as well as designated exhibition space it has a lovely creative feel. They also have the funkiest wallpaper that the designers have screen-printed.

The Papered Parlour is an independent organisation that has been named finalists of The Barclay's Business Take One Small Step' compeittion which gives business funding. Click here to find out more about the place and the competition.

Modern chintz

Friday, 11 June 2010

I love this suitcase that I spotted recently from Liberty, and just generally I like the whole modern chintz look.

It inspired me to create the Anzu Wild rose range featuring illustrations of dog roses, my favourite.

I think how Liberty keeps covering their store in different fabrics looks really great.

Vanessa Graham bowls with just a trim of chintz

A country living chintz teapot lamp

I don't know where this is from, but I like that the chintz is an oversized pattern with vivid colours, keeping it modern.

Images: via Anotherloves, Anzu,, via the channel4 blog, country living, unknown.

Lazy summer days

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I am juggling rather too many things at the moment to really have too many lazy Summer days, but I love the feeling that these photos of Chara Coco (on flickr) evoke (discovered via the youcanmakeiteasy blog

Favourite interior designers

Monday, 7 June 2010

We had a little discussion about our favourite interior designers today in the office, and two names in particular came up - David Collins and Vicente Wolf. Above is the stunning Connaught apartment designed by David Collins that I featured before but couldn't resist posting again.

David Collin's own home (one for the guys)

I love his use of colour.

The bar at the Langham hotel, London

I think this one is also David Collins' own home. Then, with quite a different style, Vicente Wolf (below)

Place 57 New York designed by Vicente Wolf. However, I think my favourite interior design by Vicente Wolf is his own apartment (see photos below).

I love his fresh, linear style.

I like the gold sidetable topped with terracotta orchid pots.

If you happen to be re-decorating I would fully recommend Vicente Wolf's book Learning to See - actually an interior design book to read not just look at and full of great tips.

Glamorous dressing tables

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Something I find completely inspiring and like to paint (although I don't have one at home) are glamorous dressing tables and make-up. Above is the design for the dressing table Anzu card.

I love the colours here,

Marilyn's looks a little more functional but with piles of pearls and possibly some Chanel no. 5?

Over the top Hollywood glamour from the film Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. Love the silver de Gournay wallpaper

and finally Jackie Kennedy's dressing room. Wedgwood blue and a touch of leopard - just my thing!

Images: Anzu, Vicki Archer dressing room via paris apartment blog, unknown - Eve Arnold?, Miss Pettigrew lives for a day via, Architectural Digest.