More St Tropez

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Some more St. Tropez. Whilst working on the current commission, I came across this image I did for a previous range of anzu cards inspired by St. Tropez. Funny how you can forget your own designs!

1950s St. Tropez

Monday, 30 March 2009

Photo Robert Cohen/RDA/Getty Images
I am busy painting my latest commission. Part of the brief was that it be in the style of 1950s St. Tropez. So I have been looking at lots of photographs like this, of Bridget Bardot, yachts, and gorgeous beach accessories.
Emilio Pucci hat from Net-a-Porter
1950s/60s Riviera chic is such a great theme and classic style - floppy straw hats, gingham shorts, oversized sunglasses, and tanned gigolos!

Oliver Peoples sunglasses

Chloe bikini from Net-a-Porter

Whilst looking for images I came across this. I think it's Bridget Bardot, but my question is did men really wear shorts like these?!!

Summer - sigh....

Friday, 27 March 2009

The Rang decor blog recently posted a blog on Summer inspirations (Summer has already arrived in India). I just love this photo.

This photo is from a Danish website. Just looking at both these images makes me yearn for Summer - I can't wait!

Jungle fever

Thursday, 26 March 2009

We are about to have the office re-painted, so off we went to Homebase today to choose from the various shades of white. Whilst there, I rather foolishly decided it would be a good idea to get some plants for the office and home. I started off with a little orchid, then some daisies, and then added this giant palm. This is me sitting in the car!

New commissions

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I can't say anything yet, but I am currently busy working on three separate pieces of commissioned work. All three are quite different and cover everything from yoga bags to dress mannequins.

Chocolate pencils

Monday, 23 March 2009

I am forever chewing my pencils - perhaps I should start drawing with these instead? From via the fortysixthatgrace blog

Trellick Tower & Goldfinger

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I recently saw this photo in the Getty gallery and had to get it for the office. It shows Trellick tower, which is just round the corner from the anzu office. It was designed in the Brutalist style by Hungarian architect Erno Goldfinger and was built in 1972. A cab driver wouldn't believe me the other day when I said it was a landmark, but it has become an icon - it was the first building featured in the animation segment of the Olympic handover ceremony, is sung about by Blur and also featured in a Gorillaz video amongst other things.

It also has an odd connection to the author of James Bond, Ian Fleming, who decided to name his villain Auric Goldfinger (a character who kills women by spraying them head to toe with gold paint) after the architect. Erno Goldfinger immediately reacted by consulting his lawyers. However, after Fleming threatened to rename the character 'Goldprick', Goldfinger decided not to sue!

Anzu branding

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

We are currently working on re-branding anzu. After nearly 10 years it's good to work on a fresh look I think. Above is the new logo!

Ryma continues to work on it. We've ploughed through tons of books for ideas and are gradually getting there. Will be sure to show you the new look once it's ready.

I'm in love

Monday, 16 March 2009

with Petersham nurseries in Richmond! Right now is such perfect weather for a trip there, and everything was lovely - the food, the atmosphere, the nice things to buy. I would highly recommend it.
See for more information.

All the waiters and waitresses wear wellington boots.

These are all photos of the restaurant. I got a bit carried away with taking shots, so expect another post on the shop soon!

John Lobb part 2

Friday, 13 March 2009

As you know if you read my blog regularly, I love the traditional outfitters of Savile row, Jermyn Street etc. Often these old-school shops have inspired my men's cards too - above is our new "Preppy" card.
So when I was offered a behind the scenes tour of John Lobb I jumped at it (see my earlier post on the 16th February)

John Lobb has created bespoke shoes for many famous people from Emperors to filmstars and they even have a cupboard with the lasts (the carved wooden replica of the customer's foot) of especially famous people. Unfortunately though, the rule is that for a last to be in this cupboard it has to be of a dead customer (the identity of current clients is fiercely protected). Somehow Calvin Klein still managed to work his way into the cupboard though.

The lasts of Frank Sinatra, Jackie O and below Princess Diana

Before the last is made, an outline is done of the customer's feet. Nick shows me the book with the outlines of the famous feet of everyone from Bismarck to Somerset Maugham.

The outline of Amy Johnson's foot, the famous aviatrix and first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia.

And finally a work in progress. This boot is in the middle of being made for the famous Hollywood actor that ordered it.

The moon

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It was a full moon last night, and the view on the way home, by Trellick tower was amazing.
I love the images above, but unfortunately can't remember where they are from - so magical.

I also love this Tom Thomson painting simply called Night. Tom Thompson was considered Canada's answer to Monet, before he died in a "mysterious" boating accident at the age of 39.

Anzu needs a holiday campaign!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Ok work is great and all that, but right now I am really wishing I was here (Kagga Kamma, South Africa)

or here sitting with a Caipirinha (Estrela Dagua in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil)

image courtesy of

or here,Pousada Picingua in Ubatuba about 4 hours drive from Sao Paolo . Although Ryma (our chic Brazilian graphics girl) informs me it's not a patch on the very South or North of Brazil. It looks pretty good to me, (and certainly better than London in March), but Ryma recommends:
Trancuso, Bahia
Fernando de Noronha
Guarda do Embau
as being stunning places to go. Or if you want a city hotel to stay in
Fasano in Sao Paolo
Copacabana Palace in Rio

or maybe a complete change of scene with a tranquil mountain retreat in Japan. Hakone Ginyu is a traditional ryokan with spa in Kanagawa. Do do look at the amazing, breath-taking photographs on their site

or lazing on this verandah listening to the sounds of the forest in Shaheen Bagh in Dehradun, India. For additional, more unusual Indian hotels have a look at the lovely blog

More Pret-a-Portea in NY

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Pret-a-Portea is now over, but it was so exciting to see what a success it was and how much it has grown since the Berkeley first called me in six years ago. With a full page editorial in the New York Post, a feature on Fox news (see the link below) and with tons of magazine features, it attracted lots of attention.
Above is another illustration I did for the project, of the Bergdorf Goodman china and portea cakes.

The Berkeley and Bergdorf took inspiration from these dresses and accessories, and below is a small selection of how they were translated into cakes by the talented chefs. 

Click on the link below to watch this clip on Fox News, which captures the sheer fun of this event.

My illustration was in all the lifts of Bergdorf Goodman and I loved the way the menu ended up looking (below).

My friend Claire also managed to pop by and enjoy the tea, and kindly sent me this snapshot below. Don't worry if you missed it yourself though, the Berkeley in London serves Pret-a-Portea daily from 1pm to 6pm!