Petersham nurseries shop

Friday, 3 April 2009

Ok I'm aware I might be beginning to sound like an advert here (and I promise I'm not on a retainer) but if you are in London and stuck for something to do this weekend, do go to Petersham nurseries and book a table at the restaurant. You won't be disappointed. Here are pictures of the shop - this place is a lot more than just a nursery.

I love these beeswax candles in this chandelier.
Go to to find out more.


Rachel Lauren Photography said...

What a beautiful store!
I just wanted to come by and thank you again for purchasing my print (and sorry for the confusion on the shipping!)
And thanks for talking about me in your blog :) I just added two new blog entries full of new work from yesterday!

Di Overton said...

I have posted about them more than once, how can one help it.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I've always wanted to eat there...didn't have time on my last trip, but will definitely make a reservation there next time! Thanks for the reminder...