Shocking pink

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The days are so dull at the moment, I thought I'd add a colourful post and brighten a grey day with some shocking pink. You could buy a vintage Schiaperelli dress (the designer famous for making hot pink so fashionable),

send our Anzu fifties style dress card or hot pink Patent card,

add touches to your house, as in this interior with the signature Schiaperelli pink hat boxes,

lounge on a Salvador Dali sofa (based on the lips of Mae West),

step out on the town in this Lanvin dress

or join India's Pink gang. As Diana Vreeland said 'Shocking pink is the navy blue of India'. The Pink gang, or Gulabi gang have hijacked trucks laden with food for the poor which were being waylaid by corrupt officials and stopped child marriages. In India they have become folk heroes! Read more on

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