Femme fatale

Friday, 12 February 2010

I came across this photo of Dorothy Dell on the film noir photos blog, and couldn't resist doing a post on the femme fatale.

'Any man with half an eye should be able to see that those two women are riding this train in search of victims'
Marlene Dietrich as Shanghai Lily/White flower of China and Anna May Wong as courtesan Hui Fei in Shanghai Express.

Johnny Farrell: 'I thought we agreed that women and gambling didn't mix'
Ballin Mundson: 'My wife does not come under the category of women, Johnny'

From Gilda starring Rita Hayworth

'Deep down, I'm pretty superficial' Ava Gardner

My illustration of the quintessential weapons of the femme fatale, featured on an Anzu card.

'Find a man who's interesting enough to have a dinner with and I'll be happy' Lauren Bacall.

Find out which femme fatale you are in this silly fun quiz here Somehow I ended up being Peggy Cummins from Gun Crazy!!

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