Guest blogger: Saffiah, Scribbles and Ink

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Last summer we had a few blogs from members of the Anzu team and we thought we'd revive that. A few weeks ago Saffiah joined the Anzu team doing sales and creative work. Over to you Saffiah:

'I think the large scale scribbled wall, created by Kelly Wearstler, is really eye-catching and bold especially in comparison to the grand staircase and sculpture. The geometric carpet on the staircase works well too.

The same goes for this look too. I'm not sure who created the piece of art, but I think the ink splatter works well against the monochromatic bold stripe of the furniture. I also love this inked backdrop with primitive style drawings in this artist's studio. To see more of this gorgeous apartment, click here

This is a lot more understated, but I think it looks great, just a massive gold scribble adds something different to the traditional style wallpaper!

And if you wanted to get the look, you could get these ink splattered espadrilles from

or our very own ink splattered Union Jack notebook.'

Images: Kelly Wearstler, via, Rue Magazine, via, Design for Mankind, Anzu

1 comment:

Mlle Paradis said...

all great ideas. even the k. wearstler (when you put it in this context!) and i remember the gold splatter on the de gournay wallpaper, WOW!

welcome to anzu. you landed well!