Hatfield House

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Continuing with the long current search for antiques and bits and pieces for the new Anzu office, I happened to stop by Hatfield House. The house is a fine example of Jacobean craftmanship, and was the home of Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury and the man who suppressed the gunpowder plot. The whole place is stunning with the most amazing Elizabethan portraits. Above is the famous Rainbow painting of Queen Elizabeth I.

They also have the famous Hilliard Ermine portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. Ermine is a traditional symbol of purity and chastity.

The library was beautiful and looked like a wonderfully cosy place to snuggle up and read before cocktail time!

I also liked the idea for this cover, where guests sign their names to be embroidered later. I would love to do this for a tablecloth. Aside from the Elizabethan portraits, the other highlight of the house was the Armory.

The almost modern style stone windows with the flower pattern, the chequered floor, the impressive armoured knights with their red lanterns which was then

combined with portraits of glamorous women and handsome men swathed in red and blue-grey echoing the colours throughout. It perfectly combined masculine and feminine, simplicity with decoration and was just stunning.
To find out more or to visit click here.