Thursday, 9 February 2012

Meadows are a favourite theme for Anzu, so it was lovely to watch the pretty bbc programme Bees, butterflies and blooms yesterday. There is just something so magical about meadows. It was also nice in this cold, grey weather to see such flowery sunny scenes. If you like meadow style too, you could

buy these delicately painted plates from Bodie and

grow your own meadow (be sure to watch the bbc programme, which has lots of tips, or click here and apparently now is a good time to start planning!)

paint a meadow mural (lovely for a children's room or guest bedroom). Although this does work especially well if you happen to have an alpine chateau!

Or send one of the cards from our Bejewelled flowers range. Above is our Cornflowers and bees mother's day card.

Images: Unknown, Bodie and, unknown, discovered via Designers block blog, Anzu Cornflower and bees card

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