Monday, 5 March 2012

One of my favourite places to visit in Paris is Malmaison. The home of Josephine (above) and Napoleon Bonaparte it is a place that manages to empress whilst still having a very relaxed feel. A perfect example of Empire style, with stunning details and beautiful colour combinations.

Josephine had tremendous style and was a trensetter in her day. Above is the Anzu Josephine's necklace card which is based on a sapphire necklace that Josephine owned.

With carved swan heads and figurines, Egyptian inspirations,

intricate embroidery, and stunning rose gardens it is an inspiring place to visit. However, all did not end well. Josephine and Napoleon divorced and Napoleon re-married. However, Josephine being Josephine did not leave it there and ensured that her signature fragrance of violets was sprayed onto all the wallpaper throughout the house. Who could forget Josephine?

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