National Gin Day

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Today is National Gin day! Above is our French 75 cocktail card complete with recipe. So just add Champagne, gin and lemon to the mix and you're away.

I read recently about Gin palaces, and I must say it conjured up a very decadent image. Somewhere with indulgent decor where ladies would sip gin cocktails and eat ice cream sundaes in lace dresses.

Although Charles Dickens did speak of the lavishness of the interiors I think the reality, sadly was rather different and was rather closer to a den of iniquity/pub! Above are two images which even though they are very pub-like, certainly do have a touch of decadence to the design.

From the illustrations of the time they also look quite raucous. There is a great description over at this blog, just click here

Gin was also very much associated with speakeasies, and in the Prohibition the name Bathtub gin was born, where people would make alcohol at home. I bet it tasted awful.

Here's Cagney making some, but we wouldn't recommend it! However, you could visit the new rather more glamorous speakeasy in New York called Bathtub Gin.
So if you are making gin cocktails tonight, click here for the BBC's top gin recipes, and try one of our favourite brands Monkey gin made in the Black Forest.

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