Feeling nautical

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ben, our graphic designer, had a special birthday recently, so in honour of him we thought we'd do a couple of nautical inspired posts. Above is one of Ben's favourite paintings.

As our first post, we've found pictures of some nautical living options that Ben might like to consider for his future home. This house in the Antarctic could be a little chilly..

Above, an amazing boat house in what looks to be the middle of the Obersee, Germany.

Could be a little bijou

Ben could pretend he was a pirate in this one

or pretend he's sailing the waves in this fantastic boat treehouse

A converted boat in America. Maybe we could have the Anzu studio there too (if Ben didn't mind).

Ben could take this one out to sea if it was real - imagine... Wonder which will be Ben's favourite, and which one is yours? Look out for our next nautical inspired post next week.

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