Dior at Harrods

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Dior at Harrods exhibition was unexpectedly inspiring and fun. I had thought it would be small, so was surprised at the size of it and also how great the displays were. Dior dresses surrounded by Dior perfume bottles,

graphic grey and red window displays outside the store,

this incredible dolls house based on the Dior atelier in Paris

with tiny interior scapes,

key Dior pieces such as this New look outfit, and dresses worn by icons such as Princess Diana

and this dress worn by Audrey Hepburn (the waist is tiny!),

miniature doll size Dior outfits on a large glittering stage,

a telephone box which was actually an olfactory chamber,

the beautiful perfume bottles and iconic scents such as this one created for Grace Kelly,

iconic elements of the Dior brand including the star (Dior had spotted a metal one on the street, taken it as an omen of good luck and so began Dior..),

and at the end a Dior cafe complete with afternoon tea and signature Dior dress cupcakes.

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