Flower surprises

Monday, 17 February 2014

With yet another day of dreary weather, we decided at Anzu to leave some surprise bouquets for strangers with an Anzu card to brighten their day.

Jam jars of daffodils with an Anzu 'Books and tea' card left on the tube for whoever passed by,

a bunch of tulips with our 'Perfume bottles' card left in a passageway,

cabbage roses and daffodils with an Anzu 'Rainbow jewels' card in a stairwell of a town hall (I passed a man on the staircase just after I'd put them down but don't know if he picked them up!)

simple gerberas tied with a gingham ribbon with our 'English teacups' card left on a pew,

more daffodils and cabbage roses with our 'Jewelled butterfly' card left outside a block of flats. We hope they brightened each stranger's day. We like this link too which has lots of ideas to brighten everyone's day and hope it inspires you too!

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