Chinese New Year

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! The year starts tomorrow and is the year of the earth rat (which doesn't sound too nice to me, but apparently can signify wealth, charm, and order). Celebrate by sending one of the anzu lantern cards, having fireworks tonight (it is traditionally the night before to scare away evil spirits), dressing in something new on the day (to mark a new beginning), and eating some lucky foods (these include uncut noodles for a long life), bamboo shoots for good wishes, rice cakes for prosperity, and gingko nuts for wealth). Decorate your home with lanterns, vases of blossoms (especially plum), and lay out platters of tangerines, oranges and trays of sweets. But be careful not to cry on New Year's day as superstition has it that if you cry on this day, you will cry for the rest of the year.
Above image: Congratulations lantern card

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