Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentines day is coming. Celebrate by sending one of our hopeless romantics cards (above is our scarlet heart card), and throwing caution to the wind with some truly old-fashioned romantic gestures:
Order boxes of snowdrops (they are still grown in convents) and leave them outside your Valentine's window
Buy a beautifully bound book of poetry by Keats, Byron, Pushkin, or John Donne
Have an indoor picnic on a cashmere rug
Fill your Valentine's room with their favourite flowers, as in Room with a View when the Emersons fill the Miss Alans' room full with their favourite flowers, cornflowers.
Write love letters, seal them with wax, tie them with red ribbon and leave them on your Valentine's pillow to wake up to
Whisk them off to the Highlands to a cottage with an inviting open fire

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