Friday, 22 October 2010

I have just finished an exciting job for the Japanese chain Tomorrowland ( Their shops look gorgeous and they stock really great products so I was very happy when they wanted to work with me!

A funky British inspired display in one of their shops at the moment.
One of the things they wanted me to illustrate was some of their pearls collection, complete with patchwork detail. And this is the end result:

I don't know if this is an earring or a ring, but I like it either way!

I was also asked to illustrate some of their men's hats.
So if you do happen to be in Japan, keep your eye open for some of the Anzu illustrated cards. You could also pick up a box of these too - yum!

Images copyright Anzu Ltd, and also courtesy of Tomorrowland.


MsMaryContrary said...

Your illustrations are glorious!!

estibaliz said...

The illustration pearls is lovely...