Winter reading

Monday, 8 November 2010

It's so cold and rainy outside, that I think it is just the perfect day for either sitting in and working hard (as I am doing, with a brief foray outside for some comforting Chinese noodles), or snuggling in with a good book.

I am clearly a bit fickle as I always like to have a few books on the go at once - at the moment I'm reading the Mitford sisters' letters, Somerset Maugham's short stories, a business book, and A history of medicine (!).

I wish I was sitting here reading them - it looks stunning. But really I could make do with any of these beautiful libraries featured in this article here.

I have also just discovered that you can buy the beautiful Folio society books quite reasonably on ebay (some at £3!), so have quite a few on the way. Wait a couple of weeks before you buy them though or you might end up bidding against me!

Let me know what you're snuggling up and reading or any recommendations on great books!

Images: The image says Hannegabyodiele whatever that may mean!, via, unknown, the Folio society, James Dean via the Lolita blog