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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Balenciaga often has lovely brocade in it's collections and I love the way they've shot this piece against the patterned background for their pre-Fall 2011 collection. Ever since I was little, I've loved painting pattern and colour and always find myself drawn to images like this, that are actually quite full on. At the moment, I'm working on something not dissimilar, so I thought I'd post a selection of some images I'm finding inspiring

This Matisse painting always reminds me of my childhood as for a long time we had a print of it hanging on the wall and Matisse has always been an inspiration for me.

How amazing is this? Discovered via the wonderful

And then a piece of my own work, as featured on our current Patchwork range of cards. It was inspired by every kind of textile from folkloric Russian textiles, Chinese silks, Saris and Valenciennes lace. Apologies that the colours became a little more lurid on the upload (no idea why!).

More on this topic to follow!

Images:Balenciaga, Gaugin via, Passage Paradis blog, Anzu, Anzu.

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Michelle said...

My sister had a similar-looking Gaugin print in her bedroom, and I've been partial to both him and Matisse ever since.