Happy Easter!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Thought we'd do a little post on Easter gifts - if you're feeling especially flush, you could opt for this golden Faberge egg,
this Fortnums egg is almost as amazing as a Faberge egg with the added bonus that the lucky recipient actually gets to eat it too,
if you're feeling a bit English you could opt for this traditional English simnel cake (also from Fortnums),

or if you're buying for somebody who is tired of cute bunnies and chocolate this Easter bouquet of roses from Only Roses could be just the thing,

another artfully crafted concoction for someone with a sweet tooth, this time from Maison Blanc,
or finally this funny Rabbit egg cup from Liberty. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

1 comment:

Mlle Paradis said...

i was going to say, just give me the egg-shaped roses till i saw the maison blanc "cookie" (?) how irresistible is that?

the amazing houses - truly so. that first one is not to be believed!

have a great Easter weekend!