Anzu at Mitsukoshi

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Anzu is very proud to be taking part in the Mitsukoshi Royal Exhibition. We produced the Queen's Jewels limited edition print decorated with Swarovski crystals and seen here in the window in Tokyo.

The print we created was inspired by Royal jewellery from around the world (more to come on this in a later post).

The Royal theme 'Marie Antoinette to present' was explored by lots of designers. These faberge style eggs and encrusted jewellery boxes were created by Bijou Ayumi Fujii ( decoartiste ), Takashima, Shin-ichi (ceramic artist), Yumi Aoyagi (ceramic artist), Reiko ogura (ceramic artist) and MuseEko (glass artist).

We love this plate by Koichiro Kimura, which is a combination of porcelain decorated with Italian fruit, lacquer, gold, diamonds and natural stones.

This beautiful piece was created by Haviland and Haute couture designer Hanae Mori. The exhibition continues until November the sixth.

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