Some amazing places..

Friday, 5 October 2012

Over the years, I've been really lucky to paint in some amazing places. Mainly I just paint in my studio, with green tea and plenty of chocolate to hand, but there is something really special about painting outside or in a different location. So here are my favourite places in order:

1. Sketching at the top of a waterfall in my Dad's garden in Tasmania. My Dad promised me somewhere special to paint where the birds sing, but I didn't expect this - my feet in a waterfall surrounded by lush plants. Truly relaxing and beautiful.

Indoors in Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo and the first time I have painted full pieces in public. I thought it would be nerve wracking but I met such lovely, gracious people and had a wonderful time.

Although I was in Japan and drank green tea throughout, I wanted to truly represent Anzu and stuck to a very English theme on the pieces I painted.

3. In Sri Lanka, I was definitely influenced by the surroundings and painted a very decorative sari like piece full of lotuses, pattern and palms.

As I painted, an elephant walked across the beach. One word, wow.

4. Morocco. A private cloistered courtyard in amazing sumptuous surroundings. This was true luxury. It's no wonder I look so happy!


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Which places and cultures inspire you the most? Love your work. Maria x