Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Piles of books and lots of pattern inspired the latest Anzu range of patterned cards. Above our new Kimono heel and books card. So, in honour of this I thought I'd post some images of dream reading areas.

Although I do always love a grand castle type library, really my favourites are rather more cosy.

I absolutely love this bookcase in Ireland, which leads to a secret room.

So cosy - if the books don't accidentally get burnt, lounging in front of this with a favourite book would be a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Nigella Lawson's home library. I also have had to resort to piling them on the floor, but I think it looks homely.

Great lighting and a more sedate tone would make this library the perfect room for study or work.

Love the sheer scale and modernity of this.

A library that opens out onto outside would also be lovely, or a treehouse reading room! What would your ideal library look like?

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