Ingatestone Hall

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just wanted to share some photos from Ingatestone Hall, a historic Tudor mansion which is still a family home and dates from 1566. This is not a grand stately home like Blenheim or Knole, but Ingatestone Hall has history, charm, and quirkiness which make it really special.

The family was traditionally Catholic, and inside the house are two priest holes where priests were hidden during the Reformation. One priest hole was hidden under the stairs and was only discovered when a child dropped a toy under the stairs in 1855 and the floorboards were removed. The other was hidden behind a bookcase and was only discovered in 1930! Makes you wonder how many other secrets are hidden in these amazing historic houses.

The lovely cafe had lots of lovely Spring treats - elderflower cupcakes and traditional Easter cakes.

Loved this little flower detail on the entrance gate. To visit click here

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