Preparing for summer

Monday, 22 April 2013

As the weather gets warmer, if you're anything like us thoughts inevitably turn to Mojitos (above Anzu Mojitos card), hammocks and lazing in the garden. Being a London dweller, I personally love to see roof gardens; spots of greenery amidst the grey, sky high oases with views and creativity stretched from limited small spaces.

Roof garden at the top of Hermes, Paris!

The incredible Biba roofgarden on top of their Kensington store, which although still exists, must have been incredible in it's prime complete as it was with penguins and flamingos.

Whatever the size, and whatever your gardening skills there is always something that can be created!

Images: Anzu card, Hermes, unknown, Alwoch via fancy, Eastside Bride, Unknown, Biba, Unknown

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