1950s St. Tropez

Monday, 30 March 2009

Photo Robert Cohen/RDA/Getty Images
I am busy painting my latest commission. Part of the brief was that it be in the style of 1950s St. Tropez. So I have been looking at lots of photographs like this, of Bridget Bardot, yachts, and gorgeous beach accessories.
Emilio Pucci hat from Net-a-Porter
1950s/60s Riviera chic is such a great theme and classic style - floppy straw hats, gingham shorts, oversized sunglasses, and tanned gigolos!

Oliver Peoples sunglasses

Chloe bikini from Net-a-Porter

Whilst looking for images I came across this. I think it's Bridget Bardot, but my question is did men really wear shorts like these?!!

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Di Overton said...

In answer your question - not that I can remember. Don't you think Bridget Bardot had a timeless face?