Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It has been so hot in the office today (we really need an air conditioner). I'm sure we can't be the only ones in a hot office on this baking day so I thought I would post some refreshing blues to cool us all down.
Above is my Mughal patchwork painting, featured in our Patchwork range of cards.

Yoshigo on Flickr, via English Muse

Even though I love blue, for some reason I hardly ever paint in it unless I'm feeling a little fedup ( literally a case of the blues!). It's strange because blue is my favourite colour. I love the ever changing blues of the sea,

the vivid lilac blues of a bluebell field (I went to a small village school and this was pretty much the view from our classroom during May),

the soft grey of a Wedgwood blue as on this Anzu dressing table card,

the deep intense blues of Iznik tiles,

the clear blues of a Canaletto sky,

the Ming porcelain blues of a Cavalli dress,

the incredible underwater blues of a David Doubilet photograph (my favourite)

or a more pale turquoise blue as on the neckline of this Anzu turquoise dress painting.

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