Friday, 26 June 2009

This post on Logo love gone crazy over at http://parishotelboutique.blogspot.com made me laugh. As we have been working on the anzu branding and having discussions about branding rules, it amuses me to see people just take it and go a bit mad.

Naturally Louis Vuitton is a popular choice.

Is it just me or does this Gucci one kind of work?

I think these Burberry ones are perhaps the funniest.

Now these ones have been done properly - I think you can tell...

An official Gucci collaboration with Cadillac

Hermes for Bugatti

A Chanel Fiore concept car

Hope you're reading this Ryma! In her previous job our graphic designer Ryma branded a jet, a Bentley and a pair of slippers...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the helicopter, private jets and range rovers... Even the door knobs were branded.
Can't wait for Anzu World domination...

Di Overton said...

I remember seeing the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris being renovated and they had a giant suitcase making up the hoarding - stunning.