Modern Hollywood

Friday, 9 October 2009

I love this new Hollywood glamour look that is coming out on the catwalks right now. Heavy with tons of sequins but still elegant and glamorous. I especially love this dress from Gaultier Paris

and this Philip Lim dress. Really very reminiscent of classic Hollywood.

A classic but lesser known Hollywood icon, Kay Francis - how amazing is this dress?

Norma Shearer was also clearly a big fan of sequins (pictured above and below).

She would have loved this Louboutin sandal,

this Michael Kors Spring 2010 dress

or this Fendi dress - available now at Browns.

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Mlle Paradis said...

Oddly, when I was about 5, I probably would have LOVED these dresses. Now, I'm much more excited about the rainbows. Thanks for that post and the one about the art fair, the Nicholson drawing is so abstract . It looks like a study of little wires. On the other hand, very English landscape. I haven't stopped by in awhile but I will add you to my blogroll! Nice posts!