Favourite London florists

Monday, 12 October 2009

One of my favourite florists is Robbie Honey http://www.robbiehoney.com I love these peonies in the lacquer container. With clients that include John Galliano, Moet and Chandon and Vivienne Westwood he's pretty sought after.

I think this flower curtain he created for a party at Hermes is truly magical.

With the figs and the red flowers I thnk this arrangement by Honey would be perfect for now.
Another favourite is Only Roses http://www.only-roses.com which just sells roses from Ecuador - below is their shop

Although these photos look nice, I have to say that when you actually see the roses they really stand out and almost look unreal. Well worth a trip.


Di Overton said...

How fabulous to have a curtains of flowers. Beautiful post

Anonymous said...

Nice And Lovely Flowers!!Keep Posting...Maidstone Florists