Ancient industries

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I just discovered the Ancient industries blog and I love it! With great images (like this photograph above of Coney Island),

facts on everything from Fairisle tweed, to pork pies to Morris Minors being covered it is always interesting, nice to look at, and very English.

Can you believe this is 1989? English wheat pickers photographed by James Ravilious.

The blog is written from the perspecive of what is living and what is extinct. Apparently Miss Scarlet has been removed from the Cluedo game - whaaat?? Her and Colonel Mustard are the best characters!

This is the Frank Cooper marmelade factory which no longer exists. Really love the way it looks.

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amber renee said...

hello! love these photos -- and thanks for the new blog link. so interesting <3

glad to meet you, i'm new to the blog community and trying to find some rad new blogs to follow/friends to meet!


Di Overton said...

Oh I have have been transported back in time. What a fabulous blog, hard to believe the author lives in Manhattan