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Monday, 14 June 2010

I recently visited a place I have been longing to visit for so long. It's tucked away in Clapham Common and the place is called 'The Papered Parlour'. It's a creative bun of all things arty! It is unique and the coolest place I have been to in a while. It hosts workshops, exhibitions and performances. They even do hen parties, and also provide tea and cake, which is a big bonus!

With workshops for dress-making, silversmithing, quilting and screen printing as well as designated exhibition space it has a lovely creative feel. They also have the funkiest wallpaper that the designers have screen-printed.

The Papered Parlour is an independent organisation that has been named finalists of The Barclay's Business Take One Small Step' compeittion which gives business funding. Click here to find out more about the place and the competition.

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The Papered Parlour said...

Thanks so much for blogging in support of The Papered Parlour!xx