Glamorous dressing tables

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Something I find completely inspiring and like to paint (although I don't have one at home) are glamorous dressing tables and make-up. Above is the design for the dressing table Anzu card.

I love the colours here,

Marilyn's looks a little more functional but with piles of pearls and possibly some Chanel no. 5?

Over the top Hollywood glamour from the film Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. Love the silver de Gournay wallpaper

and finally Jackie Kennedy's dressing room. Wedgwood blue and a touch of leopard - just my thing!

Images: Anzu, Vicki Archer dressing room via paris apartment blog, unknown - Eve Arnold?, Miss Pettigrew lives for a day via, Architectural Digest.

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jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh i would love to have a glam dressing table! these images are perfect, as is your illustration!