Rugs outside

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I have always liked Yves Saint Laurent's style in interiors, and I just love the idea of this lounge area with rugs, boungainvillea, big cushions, plates of treats and palms. Even if you don't live in Morocco what better idea for an English lawn on a sunny day?

Add some lanterns and a projector and you've got an outside movie theatre,

or just a great place to read,

or a path to a boat on the sea.

Or if you can't quite escape sitting in an armchair you could get these chairs from Tonio de Roover.

Images: Ysl villa Marrakech 1980, via unknown, via unknown, via rug rabbit, Tonio de Roover

1 comment:

Mlle Paradis said...

an idea i love, with an army of domestics to go along with it....when it starts raining and it's time to rush inside!!!!