Some clothes I wish I was wearing to work..

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The pile of pearl bracelets, the shoes, the red bag...

just a great silhouette topped by silver pumps, amazingly from 1944

Mary Jane shoes, tie, and gingham shirt as worn by Vanessa Redgrave in one of my favourite films, Antonioni's Blowup 1966.

Images: unknown, Vogue March 1944, Blowup

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Mlle Paradis said...

tres soignee!

i've always loved that v. redgrave outfit too AND t-strap shoes. and blow up is right up there in my top 5 faves. we got mr. p. some white jeans like that last year, and a waiter immediately poured red wine all over them!

ain't that life!

no worries about the package. i have learned to be philosphical about the post office!