Some ideas for Father's Day

Friday, 17 June 2011

What Dad doesn't want their kid to think they are superman? Send the Anzu Super hero card from our Men's range.

The perfect accompaniment to this would of course be a vintage comic. To buy your copy of 1960s classic Eagle and more click here

Most Dads love a beer, and this kit means you can make your own. It must be my Dad coming out in me, that I actually want one of these too!

And rather appropriately for guys, you can throw a rosy cheeked blonde into the mix! Available from If you're outside of the States, there are similar kits available on Amazon but you might still want to buy the mixes which range from Tea and toast to Grapefruit Honey Ale to Chocolate Maple Porter.

Alternatively if your Dad loves beer but is more of a couch potato, you could create a beer taster set and put a mix of gourmet beers in a crate for him to sample.

A simple box filled with helium balloons - such a happy simple idea that I discovered on the Happydayblog and that would be a perfect idea for anyone really.

This man-eating piranha is a bit more of a weird idea, but very James Bond and is available from

If you have little ones who want to create something special for their Dad, what better idea than to do just a fun breakfast in bed.

Or alternatively cook some of Daddy's favourite biscuits and put them in one of these Martha Stewart boxes. I remember cooking my Grandad's favourite Brandy snaps for him as a child and it being great fun and him really enjoying them (or at least pretending to!).

The recipe for these rather fancy ones filled with hazlenut cream (yum) comes from here

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