More tea Vicar?

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I am keen on the whole high tea, Miss Marple thing and love to paint these typically English images (see my books and tea card/book cover below). I like everything about it, from wing chairs by a roaring fire eating toasted crumpets, teas with names like China rose petal and Darjeeling's First Flush, chintzy tea-cups, to pretty cakes and dainty slices of cucumber sandwiches. So I decided that I was going to start doing afternoon tea. This process began with the recent whole home-baked scones disaster ("it" was meant to be several scones, but turned out to be one giant scone - actually more like a very hard large flapjack) but has continued with the more recent happy event of the delivery of a couple of tea-cups, which I bought on ebay. They are so pretty I had to take a picture and have started painting them, so expect to see them on a couple of anzu cards very soon...

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