Grass roofs

Thursday, 23 July 2009

via absolutelybeautifulthings blog

I love this photo of this house that the absolutelybeautiful blog featured. It has almost something fairytale about it. I saw quite a number of grass roofed houses or torvtak (!) in Norway at the Norskfolkemuseum (see below) and I thought they were amazing not least beacause they look like Hobbit houses!

Norskfolkemuseum via Wikipedia

Above are the Hobbit houses as seen in Lord of the Rings. The real life grass roofs have lots of advantages - they reduce heating, filter pollutants out of the air, could cut your tax bill, increase wildlife in urban areas and just simply look beautiful.

The company that laid this roof above, sells wildflower turf especially for grass roofs. Imagine the bumble bees and butterflies flitting around your roof,


or even the goats that might end up there!

via Wikipedia

Grass roofs stand out even more in an urban setting, as this Manhattan rooftop demonstrates.

but often seem to be found in more Alpine settings. has a diy guide that you can buy if you fancy doing this on your home - if I didn't live in a flat and actually had a roof I would definitely be tempted!


KO said...

These photographs are wonderful.

The enchanted cottage at the top is by Tom Callaway.

You can see more projects by Thomas Callaway & Associates at their website:

Anzu said...

Thank you for letting me know! Just had a look at the website - lovely things especially the French barn.

Triin said...

Great finds. Romantic, little dream houses. The last one looks dangerous!