Indian gardens to Urban grafitti

Monday, 20 July 2009

Last week I went to a couple of really interesting exhibitions: the Garden and Cosmos exhibition at the British Museum, and the opening night of the Banksy exhibition at the Flower Cellars gallery in Covent garden, run by the Hospital club. I loved the space of the Flower Cellars gallery and was rather enviously looking at it. I mean really, why have it as a cool gallery when it could be an Anzu office?!

The exhibition had prints, caravan doors and metal signs

The painting they are selling in this one says on it "I can't believe you morons actually buy this shit"

I have no comment on this one as I hate clowns. A clown tried to entertain me in a department store the other week. I tried to hide it but a look of disgust was clearly apparent on my face because he actually gave up mid act and turned his back on me!

Garden & Cosmos is an amazing exhibition currently on at the British Museum. The paintings are stunning - the intricacy and detail of each one, and the volume of paintings actually makes it a pretty intensive, almost overwhelming exhibition.

The compositions are really different and interesting, and the colours are astounding. They are all painted in gouache, but I wonder whether they mixed their own pigments because the colours are extremely vivid and certainly unlike any paints on the market now.

A number of the paintings are also surprisingly modern and different from the usual Indian miniatures we are used to seeing over here. I would highly recommend both exhibitions - see or for more information.

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