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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I have been spending a little too much time on the Architectural Digest website just recently. I love classic Hollywood and their section on Hollywood Homes is really interesting. Have a look at www.architecturaldigest.com I like to see whether the star fits their home.
Above is Marilyn Monroe in her Spanish style-house. It surprised me that she went for such a homely, rustic look with lots of Mexican furniture and accessories and not the more glamorous Deco look house you would expect her to have.

As Architectural digest says Marilyn 'owned no jewellery and counted books, records, and a picture of legendary actress Eleanor Duse among her most cherished possessions'.

This is Greta Garbo's 'closet room'. Decorated with African inspired fabric, a Russian antique tea table and her collection of hats.

James Dean moved from hotel room to hotel room before finally settling in a cheap flat in New York. There was only room for a daybed, no kitchen and a shared bathroom down the hallway. He was also very messy and guests would always find his room littered with a trail of empty beer bottles, unsleeved records and well- worn books.

A really elegant picture of Bette Davis I think, with her looking remarkably diffident and not at all the dragon. Bette Davis was quite nomadic and lived in more than 75 houses, as Bette put it "Favourite cigarette boxes and ashtrays have followed me around the world".

Cannot believe how big this bed is!

Anjelica Huston in the California house designed for her by her sculptor husband Robert Graham. It fits her perfectly I think.


Laura [What I Like] said...

I would never have taken Ms Monroe for a bookworm! And yes, you are absolutely right about Angelica Huston's house...it is so her, so angular and strong.

Di Overton said...

Fascinating post. Showing the private side of very public people can be a real eye opener.