Thursday, 9 July 2009

Penguin books always manage to come up with such original ideas. I love their recent letterpressed editions, but I think this latest range of classic books with blank covers for you to draw on yourself is daring and a clever idea. A book is always judged by its cover and as Penguin says this 'might be the stupidest thing we've ever done'.I think it's great. There are six titles ranging from Great Gatsby to The Waves, and the books are designed to hold ink, paint and glue.

You can see more information on the Penguin website. They are featuring submissions from the public as well as designs done by Bands. The above one was done by singer Beck and the one below by band Razorlight.

I like the two submissions below by Joanne Lee, and Heather Royston Webb.

What would you put on yours?
And once you've finished them how about housing them in this infinity bookcase (found via The design for mankind blog).

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Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Funny, I just did a post about this as well.