Designer Christmas trees

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Now you might be a bit overwhelmed with the sheer number of logos by the end of this, but I thought following on from the Galliano tree I'd do a post on some designer Christmas trees - above is Louis Vuitton's elegant tree

Architect Zaha Hadid's Christmas tree

It doesn't look it but this is the most expensive Christmas tree in the world and it is on display in Japan. Decorated with 240 jewels including diamond baubles and strings of pearls it is worth 150 million yen or 1.5 million dollars


Ok not exactly a Christmas tree, but it looks a bit like one. The angel is ex Lanvin Christmas display and tops a display in the apartment of creative director for Carolina Herrera, Herve Pierre.


via denny_jr on flickr.jpg


Looks like Gucci had the same idea

Chanel in Taipei


and Harvey Nichols in Istanbul.

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Mlle Paradis said...

And what's not to like about a Xmas tree made of Hermes boxes? If they were all full of Hermes goodies, even better! Where do I sign up!