Modern patchwork

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

When I designed the Anzu Patchwork range of cards and Cosy candle, aside from being inspired by Indian chintzes, embroidered Chinese silks, Chantilly lace and this picture of Truman Capote below, there were also a couple of companies that really influenced me.

Squint and Bokja both produce modern versions of patchwork. Squint is an English company based in East London, that covers furniture with a mix of English damasks, Japanese kimono silks, and 19th century French trimmings to create a modern twist on patchwork.

They produce chairs, chaise longues, lighting and cushions. Click here to view their website.
Another inspiration was Bokja designs. Bokja is a Lebanese company based in Beirut that uses rich embroidery and sumptuous fabrics from across the region to create truly individual pieces.

Click here to visit their website.


MsMaryContrary said...

I love the brave and bold use of color! I'm drooling!!

suzibee said...

Bold indeed! The wonderful colors and shapes of these "chairs" would individualize and enhance any room! I want one!!!!!