Guest blogger: Bonny

Friday, 21 May 2010

I thought it might be fun to have some of the Anzu team do some guest blogs, so here is the first one from Bonny - over to you Bonny!

This summer London is not just full of tourists from around the world; we are also embracing a parade of 258 elephants in town! The Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign for the urgent crisis faced by endangered elephants in Asia.

Decorated by different artists, designers and celebrities, these life-size baby elephant models are brightening up the city, even popping up to surprise us among concrete commerical buildings. The Elephant Parade runs from May to July 2010 and is London's biggest art event on record! The organiser ( aims to raise £2 million for Asisan elephants as well as 20 UK conservation charities.

This panda elephant is one of my favourites!

All the elephants are for sale by auction, and every bid placed is a bid for the enviroment - which one would you choose? The passion that has been poured into the project is amazing and lets us appreciate the beauty of these beautifully decorated elephants whilst also helping an enviromental cause. I hope you enjoy the elephant's company this summer!

To go on the elephant tour or see more pictures of the elephants click here

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Mlle Paradis said...

both wonderful ideas, elephants and guest bloggers - not that we don't like very much what you post, ellen.

i hear that london has been gorgeous this week - hope you're at the chelsea flower show and bringing something nice back for us to see!