Urban fairytales

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Walking through Soho the other day, I was really surprised to see this streaming from a window. The room that the hair flows into is literally full of hair! An urban style Rapunzel for modern day.

The photographer Eugenio Recuneo likes to explore the modern fairytale, and I think his photographs are really interesting, whether it's snow white or the princess and the pea.

And below Tim Walker's take on the princess and the pea.

And for a modern day Heidi the hair on this season's catwalk would be just perfect,

as would this guestroom as featured in the New York Times.

Images: own taken on Beak Street, Euguenio Recuneo, Tim Walker, unknown, New York Times.


Mlle Paradis said...

great post ellen! all the textures and little bit of higgledy piggledy style! especially the braids and the hay bale. you're making me think maybe i do have a heidi complex! (first book i ever read! so not the physical type!)


Bonito said...

Recuenco has benn doing some phenomenal work!

Leigha said...

What a whimsical find. Amazing.